"What if I were to just beat you all down right here and now? Just because I'm not always aggressive, Doesn't mean I don't have enough strength to beat you to a pulp, Brat."

Backstory Edit

Kritsu's family was burned to ash, along with the rest of his home in a burning calamity; However this was a long time ago, and he doesn't have very much memory of it, so he believes as if his parents are still alive, our there somewhere; But he's not gonna look for them. He lived on his own in the Nature Blockade where he met a man named Colorless, That man taught kid how to fight, and was like a father to kid. Colorless then left kid for Kiritsu Izuku diako (K.I.D. for search) to go make friends of his own, but he wants to find Colorless, and beat him up -- For his training to be complete. On his hunt for Colorless, K.i.d. an into a boy named Storm, who allowed K.i.d. to live with him; Now they're a family.

Appearance Edit

No Official Artwork of kid has been designed yet.

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