Backstory Edit

The "IDka Family" [ ID科ふぁみly 」 Is a family of Blood and trust. They're a group of caring people that look out for other's, and most importantly each other -- but doesn't look out for everyone.

The Founder Of the family, Kito IDka, wanted to form a extended family of friends, loved ones, and people he cared about. Kito believed that if he had enough love and thirst for power, he could have a powerful family, and thus, the IDka family was created. His first and only son was Hato IDka, Hato was supposed to surpass his father in any and every way possible, because that's how Kito believed the later members of his family we becomes stronger and stronger. Kito raised Hato with love and care, and soon Hato's inner power was starting to shine, Kito wanted to bring that power out, but Hato had no interest in fighting.

Once Hato started a family of his own, he also wanted his two children to surpass him in every and any way possible, but he didn't want them to be in the way of harm, or feel threatened, so Hato along with his wife Shiro took care of them for as long as they could, sheltering them from the outside world with enough to knowledge to get stronger and smarter. They gave them love, and gave them enough love to turn it into power, thus being able to fight against others.

Powers and Abilities Edit

IDka [ ID科 ] - A Will only from the IDka's, it allows them to turn all their emotions such as love or anger into physical energy and power.

Cursed Eyes [ 区r背dえいぇs 」Eyes inherited to members of the IDka family due to the Incident Hato encountered, if anyone shares Hato's DNA, They have a 85% chance of obtaining these eyes. The Cursed eyes are eyes that feed off of your mana in exchange for invincibility, it gives you immense power to be able to go at god-like speed and take attacks that would destroy entire cities. It gives you god-like power in exchange for your sanity and soul, if you use it too many times, it will take control of your body, and you'll turn into a corrupted Soul.

Family Requirements Edit

To become an IDka, you have to have an unbreakable bond with one of the members of the family, a bond that goes to death and beyond. Close friends and soul-mates are usually taken into the IDka family, but non blood-related members do not receive the powers blood-related members do.

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